• With our experience and extensive supplier network we can get electronics components and small mechanical parts quickly and affordably.
  • Our automated SMD pick and place line allows us to assemble your PCBA’s effectively and precisely.
  • Final assembly, soldering of thru-hole components and thorough checking make sure you get trouble free products ready to be used.
  • We also can manufacture your larger scale devices or modules and cables that go inside them.
  • For bigger production batches its possible to develop a functional test for your product using our expandable production testers.



In a nutshell, using modern technology and equipment our manufacturing capabilities include:


  • SMT assembly
  • THT assembly
  • Component sourcing


  • Modules
  • Rack instruments
  • Cabling

      Quality control

  • Visual checking
  • Functional testing

Please feel free to approach us so we can discuss your manufacturing needs